The Mind-Body Sanctuary

Relax • Heal • Improve




Floatation Therapy

Feel your tension melt away floating in warm water filled with 1000 lbs of Epsom salt.

Meditation training

Starting a mediation practice can be a challenge. Learn various meditation techniques tailored to your goals.

Consciousness Engineering

A custom personal development program that will help you become the ideal version of yourself.


Pro Float Cabin

The Pro Float Cabin is manufactured right here in Canada! State of the art design provides soft color LED lighting, audio speakers and transducers, advanced heating and filtration systems, UV, Ozone, and an easy to open door with wide entrance. This cabin has been passionately engineered to offer an optimal floatation experience.


Rest & Relax

We are a sanctuary for deep rest and healing. We believe that floating is the most relaxing thing on the planet.