Our Story


By Darcy Cybolsky, owner-operator

I first heard of floating on a podcast where Joe Rogan described it in a way that really resonated with me. I fell in love with the concept of floating. The idea of resting in a warm anti-gravity environment sounded very relaxing. The rapid healing and pain reduction that floating promotes was another plus, but the largest factor that drew me in was the effects on the mind. Meditation abilities are amplified in the float tank and even non-meditators enter a meditative state of consciousness.

The more I learned about floating the more I loved it. I wanted access to a float tank regularly, but I live in a small town in Northern Ontario. So, I kept having thoughts about starting my own 1-tank float centre and operating out of a wing of my house. It was the only way that I could float like I wanted to, with an added bonus of getting to share floating with others in the area.

I was listening to a podcast about floating called the floatcast and heard the host talk with Chris Petrovics, the owner of Pro Float Inc, a new Canadian float tank manufacturering company. Chris has had a passion for floating since he tried it and felt tremendous relief from back pain. I decided to buy the Pro Float Cabin, which stands 7 feet tall, 8.5 feet long, and 4.5 feet wide.

The float tank traveled across the country with two other tanks; one heading to Hamilton and the other to Ottawa. The Pro Float Cabin was then installed at 461 Church Street and The Mind-Body Sanctuary was born on May 5th, 2016. I have been happily floating and facilitating floats ever since!