Floatation Therapy

• 60 MINUTES $50

• 90 MINUTES $70

Consciousness Engineering

60 MINUTES $60

Consciousness engineering involves a one-on-one dialogue with Darcy Cybolsky. He will get an idea of who you are and who you'd like to be ideally. Afterwards, Darcy will build a personal development program with your goals in mind. The program lays out the systematic steps and techniques that will move you towards becoming a higher version of yourself that reflects the vision of who you ultimately want to be.

Meditation Training

30 MINUTES $20

Meditation is a powerful way to train your brain. Scientific studies on meditation have discovered that eight weeks of meditation increases activity in areas of the brain associated with attention, concentration, calmness, memory, and learning show increased activity; simultaneously, areas of the brain associated with anger, fear, depression, anxiety, mind-wandering, and self-referential thoughts show decreased activity. This two-fold betterment of the brain results in profound effects on day-to-day experience. 

Meditation Group

2 hours $5

Meditation Group meets at Awaken Body and Mind (91 Ambridge Drive) every Sunday, beginning at 2:00 p.m. There is usually a short chat, followed by a 20-minute meditation. Afterwards we just hang out and have a conversation, usually centred around a topic that was chosen ahead of time. Participants can leave after the meditation or stay and listen to or join in the discussion. Beginners are encouraged to attend and we do our best to keep the teachings geared towards beginners. The final 30 minutes or so is when a more advanced dialogue takes place.