Absolutely loved it here! We went for
Mother’s Day and I definitely want to go back.
So clean and welcoming! Very relaxing atmosphere and experience. I definitely recommend this!
— Mélodie

Best feeling ever. Felt so relaxed. It was amazing.
— Samantha

I feel so relaxed and stress free. I think when I go back I will relax a lot faster and easier. I was able to take deep breaths more often and felt like I was floating in space. Absolute heaven. How healing. We’re lucky to have this in Iroquois Falls!!! I urge you to go, Now!!!!
— Kathy

The Mind-Body Sanctuary has been such a positive influence in my life. To have a centre in our hometown is nothing short of a blessing and a symbol of hope, love and happiness for all. My floating experience was all I hoped it would be and more, relaxing my body and my mind to help me refocus on what is important in life, granting me a much more profound outlook on my daily existence. Not only is the centre an inviting and beneficial place for mindfulness but the individual who operates the centre, Darcy Cybolsky, has been an inspiration, a friend and an amazing mentor. With his help and one of his consciousness engineering sessions, I now have a daily routine personalized for me that will help the advancement of my physical and mental self. Mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, joy and strength are only but a few of the qualities I hope to improve with the help of Darcy and his centre. I plan on continuing my floating experience and I invite anyone who has yet to try it to book an appointment as I can assure you it will only be an asset in your road to a more mindful, self aware and loving person. Thank you again Darcy!
— Kyle

WOW! Cannot put into words the incredible experience that was my first float. Highly recommend to anyone considering it, do it. The Consciousness Engineering was also worth the time. I look forward to being helped to become the me I want to be. Thank you for taking the risk to bring this to us.
— Tricia

I have been living with Fibromyalgia for 20 years and I have lost count of the thousands I have spent on every next best thing. I heard about this therapy a few months ago and started looking into it; all the research I found looked promising. I can’t tell you how surprised I was to see someone doing this in our little town. I tried it today for the first time... wow. I went in on not one of my overall worst days, but for my legs definitely top 10 worst days. I have never felt any relief like this. I will be going back and I will be making this a regular part of my therapy. Overall excellent experience. Clean, lots of information, very very good experience. Thanks for bringing this here.
— Albert

It is evident that Darcy has put in a lot of work and research to provide such a great product and service to the community. I really enjoyed my first time and would love to do it again. I went in with an open mind and am so happy I did. I felt so relaxed, yet energized and truly enjoyed the experience. You have a great service Darcy, all the best.
— Jess

Most wonderful body experience ever. I was in such a deep lucid sleep. It changes the way I look at life.
— Ben

Hi my name is Dorothy. I was injured badly in 1992 in a work related injury. I totally had my spine torn out, my hands crushed, neck and shoulders were also affected. I have tried almost every drug out there, tens machine, traction, chiropractors, bouncing on a fitness ball, physiotherapists. All to no avail. I developed severe arthritis in all these areas and was forced to quit work and go on disability, affecting my lifestyle in a very negative way. From a ballet dancing, hard working woman, I became broken and torn, depressed, and unable to care for myself with any kind of ease. I could barely hold a fork let alone cook a big meal. I soon after developed fibromylagia, which attacks all connecting muscle and tissue. The arthritis hits the bones and joints and the fibro affects everything else. I lost weight, happiness, friends, and didn’t want to live anymore due to the chronic, never ending pain. Sleep was a long ago thing. I could only walk with a cane and had to wear hand splints; eventually I became dependent on a walker. Friends left as I couldn’t keep up with the dances and the fun times that I was used to having with them. Fixing a meal or even holding the phone became tortuous. For years I was prescribed drugs for pain from morphine and OxyContin, which didn’t even touch the pain, so I stopped taking them due to the side effects. I had some success with what was called phyentolamine infusion at the hospital, but in less than 5 minutes I was into seizures. I had to be injected with Valium, which also had bad effects on me. After 24 years of trying almost everything I came across an article in the local paper near where I now live in Shillington. It was called The Mind-Body Sanctuary, located in Iroquois Falls. Intrigued I read the article, was a little skeptical but watched the videos and read other testimonials shown here on this site. I also did some private googling to educate myself more about this new “floating” technique for pain, which I found out was not new at all, just to me I guess.`I found it was not just for pain but for many other things I was suffering from. Stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD were my constant companions. I had been able to take some Tylenol 3 which didn’t really help and is hard on the liver as well as causing constipation, requiring me to use other drugs to combat that. I was at the end of my rope. My children had abandoned me as I couldn’t keep up. I wanted to be active, fun Granny with my grandchildren, yet my pain level would prevent me from dong so. I spoke with Darcy over the phone after reading the article about him on Monday, June 20th 2016. Severe thunderstorms had been persistent throughout the previous days causing power outages requiring me to go up and down the stairs to check on the sump pump etc., aggravating my pain. When the sun came out I saw a double rainbow. I took a picture of it hoping it would show up; it did. I came back inside and the first thing I saw in the paper was the article on Darcy and his float centre. I messaged him, as the paper gave his Facebook page, liked what he had to say, so called the next day wondering how long this if any pain relief would last. He said I would feel relief for a few days and although skeptical that floating in Epsom salts in a dark space could have such wondrous effects, I was proven wrong. It does work! Today I tried floating for the first time. I was amazed at the level and extent of the pain relief that happened after only an hour of “floating”. Yes there is still some pain, but I would say 70 % of it has gone. My first session was today and I plan on going back weekly for as long as I can. I even have my appetite back and though keyboarding is fairly easy for most people, my crippled hands would not allow me to do this much till today. I feel a strong sense of hope that I will only improve with future floats. I encourage anyone who is suffering from pain and other conditions that destroy the beauty of life to try this remarkable treatment. I had a lay-down and am still pain free in so much of my body. I do recommend taking a shower afterwards as there was a lot of residue salt in my hair. The facilities to do so are right there at his sanctuary, so I am so happy to give this testimonial. Next time I will use the facilities there to wash the salt out because now I can stand in a shower and use my hands for the first time in over 2 decades! I was in a such good mood when I left, joked with my friends who drove me there, saying I felt like a french fry without the ketchup. Don’t be alarmed at the salt, it is soothing and easy to get rid of. Haven’t taken a pain pill since this morning. I know and feel in my heart that this is what has saved my life. Next visit I will know what to expect and I look forward to more relief. Darcy and his wife Carly (hope I spelled that right) are wonderful people who have helped me more than they know. So, here’s photo of the rainbow so you know I am not just full of it :) and I hope everybody tries this at least once. Thank you so much Mind-body Sanctuary. The Creator or Higher Power works in mysterious ways, but it works! I am a very satisfied customer.
— Dorothy