What is Floating?

Floating involves lying down in warm water with nearly 1000lbs of Epsom Salt that uniformly holds the body in effortless equilibrium. This takes place in a specifically engineered float tank that blocks sensory input and allows for a pure experience of the present moment, free from external distractions. This unique environment facilitates a deeply relaxed, yet highly alert state of consciousness where visualization, creativity, and introspection become heightened. Whether you are interested in stress relief and deep relaxation, pain relief and healing, or increased mental and physical capabilities, floating might be just what you are looking for. It is an amazing therapy that increases the well-being of nearly everyone who floats.

The Relaxation Response

There is something very relaxing about floating on your back in water. Floating in a float tank takes this effect to the highest level. The relief from gravity's constant pull allows you to relax your body and mind. You will begin to release endorphins that bring about that feeling of aaahhhh. Endorphin levels go up, while cortisol goes down, which results in an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, calming, euphoria. Your system enters into a state of rest, healing, and rejuvenation. Having a relaxation regimen will decrease stress hormones, lower blood pressure, raise energy levels, boost the immune system, and improve sleep quality. The float tank is a recharge station for calmness and positivity.

Rapid Healing

In the float tank we are freed from having to fight gravity, regulate body temperature, and process worldly visual/auditory/tactile inputs. This sensory restriction frees up large amounts of energy and resources for systemic repair. The relaxing nature of the experience catalyzes the body's rest and regenerate mechanisms. Circulation increases to the extremities, detoxification pathways are enhanced, and tissue repair is ramped up. The float tank is a healing chamber, like the one in Star Wars, only instead of bacta it uses Epsom salt.

Pain Relief

If you have ever had chronic pain, you know how much it sucks. Most of us think that we are stuck with the pain, but there are ways of eliminating chronic pain. Floating stimulates the release of pain killing endorphins and causes muscle relaxation. This alone provides immediate relief from nattering pain signals. Visualization capabilities are enhanced in the float tank and can be used to increase blood flow to chronic pain locations and aid in repairing the cause of the issue. 

Drift Within

With absolutely zero external input, the mind is perfectly prepared for internal analysis. Attention is easily directed towards bodily processes such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. We know from biofeedback studies that any bodily process which can be measured and displayed back to the individual can be consciously controlled with training. Without distraction the mind can also focus in on mental processes and examine habitual behaviors and limiting beliefs. 

The Delta Experience

A recent study on floating using a waterproof EEG to measures brain activity while individuals float showed that floaters are achieving the same brainwave patterns measured in monks that have been meditating for 20 years. The delta brainwave state is the realm of extended consciousness. This is where we feel a sense of boundlessness, enhanced creativity, and big picture awareness. In this state, the imagination is fully operational and can be used to explore infinite possibilities. The float tank is a portal to different realms of extended consciousness.

Effects of Anti-Gravity

Floating in dense Epsom salt water distributes the pull of gravity uniformly across the surface of the body eliminating approximately 80% of gravitational forces. The relief from gravity's pull and the magnesium in Epsom salt relieves muscular tension like nothing else. This anti-gravity environment allows for spinal alignment and treatment of back, neck, and joint pain.